Spartan Ops is a tactical training and a combat fitness unit. We are based in the Northern Virginia, Washington D.C. area. We travel to all areas of the US and across the world. Our skill base is vast with the group of instructors that we have on staff. We have prior Military, S.W.A.T, Special Operations, and Law Enforcement experience to allow us to bring you the most advanced and proven tactics available.

We have developed our courses to help our students to effectively deploy in different situations ranging from a rapid deployment to an active shooter in an urban environment, a vehicle assault, or to push our students to their physical limits with combat ready fitness. In this ever changing world, we as protectors need to be ready to respond and overcome all the challenges that we face.

“Peace through Strength”

Spartan Ops is delivering the most advanced tactical maneuvers and combat ready fitness to enhance the skills of today’s law enforcement and security professionals.
We deliver the best and most advanced courses in the Northern Virginia area. Find out more about our course offerings here.
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